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"The Rancher" - Ranch Pads

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100% Wool Pads with Wear Leathers

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English Pads - Sure Seat Half Pads - Wool

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English Pads - S"cool"ing Pads - AP

English Pads - S"cool"ing Pads-Close Contact

English Pads - S"cool"ing Pads-Dressage

Wool Show Blankets with Wear Leathers

English Pads - Sure Fit Half Pads-Wool

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English Pads - Sure Comfort -Poly

d.w. equis - Bell Boots

All Wool Contoured Tough

English Pads - Sure Comfort -Wool

Contoured Liner Pad
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Saddle Blanket Pads - Double Weave
Color: Sand Black
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Sand Black Burgundy Black Red Black Royal Black Sand Rust Sand Hunter   

Double weave blanket folded and sewn over 1/2" Wool felt with suede wear leathers.